Megerian makes the Larges Loom in Armenia for Presidential Palace Rug!

Weavers and staff in celebration just before
start of work on Presidential Palace rug,
An array of Megerian Rugs
produced in organic dyes

In the day of the Soviet Union when all production means were owned by the state, carpet weaving was monopolized under one state-owned company whitch was then called Hye Gory. This entity owned all means of rug production and this was centralized under the banner of Armen Carpet. With the demise of the USSR, all the rug weaving centers became idle and thousands of workers were unable to continue working and lost thier jobs. After the acquisition of this enterprise by Megerian, Armen Carpet regained a stong position on International markets and the produced carpets are exported to the USA and Europe. New qualities, new designs, new colors were added and production is at full swing. Also have been added new bigger looms for producing mansion size rugs.

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