Megerian Goes Green!

Megerian's Green Initiative-As seen in Town & Country

Megerian RUgs

Megerian holds a position of environmental responsibility in rug production. Megerian utilizes organic dyes and environmentally friendly processes in the production of their handmade rugs. Most of the natural dyes are derived from flowers, roots, and plants from the Armenian Highlands, ensuring vivid colors, as well as being exceptionally long lasting. The Lotto collection features a bold and sophisticated design characterized by bright primary colors, angular arabesques, and elaborate palmette patterns. The Mamluke designs are complex, consisting of larg medallions made up of intersecting compartments of various forms adapted from the tradition of Islamic geometric ornaments. They are distinguished not only by their distinctive designs, but also by their lustrous wool, fine weave, and soft, closely valued coloration. The environmentally friendly dyes used in the production also serve to give these designs a unique green hue, making them distinct in the marketplace. Finally, the Modern collection features a contemporary sensibility fused with classic decorative influences. Each eclectic design in this exquisitely hand-knotted collection makes a statement of high style and leaves a lasting visual impression.
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Megerian is unveiling their new green initiative by utilizing only environmentally friendly dyes and processes in the production of their new line of handmade rugs. The natural dyes and distinctive designs give them a stylish beauty, while their ecofriendly production and waving facilities make them unique in the carpet marketplace.

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