Raffi Megerian Presented with Gold Medal of Honor!

On December 13, 2007, the President of the Parliament (National Assembly) of the Republic of Armenia, the Honorable Tigran Torosian, presented Raffi Megerian, the President of Megerian Rugs, with a Gold Medal of Honor for his efforts in revitalizing the handmade rug production industy in Armenia. This was only the seventeenth time in Armenia's history that a Gold Medal of Honor had been awarded by the Parliament (national Assembly) of Armenia. This honorary medal was presented to Raffi Megerian, in recognition of the Armenian-American Entrepreneur's efforts in revitalizing and upholding the production of handmade rugs in Armenia, which had been part of the Armenian culture and tradition for thousends of years. Since Armenia gained independence from the Soviet Union, many entrepreneurs in the rug industry have tried to revive the rug industry within Armenia. Today, Megerian stands alone as the only major rug manufacturer within Armenia with over twenty rug weaving facilities and thousands of employees. Raffi Megerian states, "Upholding humanitarian policies and sustaining jobs has been the main goal of the Megerian Family in Armenia. It is the responsibility of every Armenian entrepreneur to create jobs and preserve the dignity and well being of out fellow Armenians."

Furthermore, the President of the Parliament (National Assembly) of Armenia expressed his gratitued to Raffi Megerian for his diligent efforts in preserving the Armenian Carpet weaving production, as well as his contribution in the development of the centuries-old Armenian tradition. Moreover, Mr. Torosian expressed his thanks to Mr. Megerian for the activity of the Megerian family as major players in the rug indusrty for almost a century and for their efforts in preserving the national identity and rich culture of the Armenian heritage. Mr. Torosian also ecpressed his appreciation for the extent of the markets where Megerian has a foothold including United States of America, Europe, Austrailia, Middle East and Armenia, adding the Megerian efforts deserve the backing of the government.

Not only has Megerian created over twenty rug weaving facilities, but it is worthy to note that efforts have been made to revitalize the rug weaving industry in order to obtain a reputable around the world. The President of the National Assembly found it crucial that the government of Armenia work with the Megerian Family for the purpose of conseving the art of rug weaving and production in Armenia. He noted that this can be done by organizing rug exhibitions where invitees would include carpet experts, carpet manufacturers, carpet collectors and professor, with the intent of documneting the historical significance of rug weaving in Armenia. Mr. Torosian also commended the Megerian Family for not abandoning their operations in Armenia at a difficult time when the dollar has been devalued and the costs of production have grown enormously.

Raffi Megerian expressed his thanks and stated that he was pleasantly suprised to have received this unique honor. He mentioned that he is accepting this medal not only for the Megerian family, but for all entrepreneurs who are involved in the carpet production. In this words, Raffi mentioned that carpet production is like and orchestra and all entrepreneurs within the rug indusrty contribute to an ultimate success. Mr. Megerian, who had several carpet production facilities all around the world, humbly mentioned that his production in Armenia is a debt he owes to his nation and every Armenian must support their nation and heritage. Rigs produced by Megerian are well known becasue of the quality of the yarn, the dyes, the weaving, the designs and patterns. The high quality and qunique color palettes of Megerian rugs have increased and admiration of buyers world-wide. As told by Mr. Megerian, carpet production and trade require great diligence and special attention to the plants and vegetables from which the organic and natural dyes are extracted, as well as a sound plan for the marketing of the product. He finally added that the support of the government is essential in order to make further progress. The Megerian family continues to be proud bearers of centuries-old Armenian tradition and culture in rug weaving and production.

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