Megerian Area Rugs

Hali Issue 154 Megerian Rug Article

Carpets and rugs have been regarded as a necessity in Armenian domestic life for generations, and Armenian artisanship, especially rug weaving, dates back thousands of years and remains popular in the world market today.
The Megerian family, originally from Armenia and based in New York, have been involved in the buying, selling, cleaning and repairing of fine hand-made rugs and tapestries for 90 years – an anniversary that was proudly celebrated in 2007 in Atlanta at the AmericasMart where the company has permanent showrooms.  Established in 1917, in Manhasset, New York, Megerian Rugs was fundamental in revitalizing traditional Armenian rug weaving and Armenian artistic creativity after the dissolution of the Soviet Union.  John Megerian, the eldest of four brothers who will continue the business, became Chief Executive Officer of the company in 2006. He represents the fourth generation to lead a business that prides itself on producing high-end, hand-knotted reproductions of original antique rugs, drawing inspiration for their own decorative designs from the classic beauty of the originals.
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Raffi Megerian presented with Gold Medal of Honor!
On December 13, 2007, the president of the parliament (National Assembly) of the Republic of Armenia, the Honorable Tigran Torosian, presented Raffi Megerian. the President of Megerian Rugs, with the Gold Medal of Honor for his efforts in revitalizing the handmade rug production industry in Armenia. This was only the seventeenth time in Armenia's history that a Gold Medal of Honor had been awarded by the Parliament (National Assembly) of Armenia....
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Megerian Makes the Largest Loom in Armenia for Presidential Palace Rug!

Very recently, the Government of Armenia ordered a rug for the Presidential Palace. megerian built a special oversize loom to produce the rug. Picture above shows the weaving in progress. The finished rug will be in the size: 20" x 30"
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