Caring for Your Rugs

ow well a carpet stands up to wear, and how tolerant it is to cleaning and maintenance, is an important indicator of quality. Inferior wool will wear faster and may not hold up in cleaning.

You'll most likely want to have your rug cleaned by a professional every two to three years, therefore your selection should be capable of standing up to constant use and regular cleaning.

You do not have to worry about colors running or changing when you have a high-quality rug cleaned or need to remove a stain. When a rug incurs a stain, soak the stained area immediately with water and press with a sponge or towel. Gently rub the area with lemon juice and re-absorb. Repeat this process until you have removed as much of the stain as possible. If necessary, call a professional cleaner. There will be no danger of color change on a rug made of good wool and stable dyes.



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