Frequently Asked Questions
About Megerian Rugs



Megerian's guiding mission is to painstakingly duplicate the unique beauty of carefully selected rare antiques. Copying, as opposed to duplicating, can be done at any price point. Authenticity in every element is precious.



We start by creating yarn that has the same attributes as the originals, duplicating the quality, texture, handle, sheen and durability. We dye the yarn by hand in vats. The rugs are knotted by hand using the original weaving technique.



Like the originals, each Megerian rug is endowed with its own unique character. The basic design and color combinations are programmed however there will be slight variations in minor elements. One variation might be in color due to the natural occurrence of abrash.



To maintain tight creative control, Megerian purposely selected Egypt as the place to develop our production. We own a modest facility at which a family member supervises every process.



In Egypt, we have been able to maintain quality control over the materials and workmanship for over 18 years. With an intentionally limited production, meticulously controlled by Megerian, we can teach artisans the exact manner in which we want every rug produced.



It is also widely noted that we attract the best artisans available in Egypt. They are the finest and highest paid in Egypt and among the most skilled and highly compensated in the world.



As a final step, each Megerian piece is hand-finished in New York City in our own workshop.





To obtain the highest quality wool, all of it is hand selected in Egypt. We acquire the wool in the spring, when the sheep's winter coats are the most hardy and lustrous. In order to maintain the natural luster and hardiness of the wool we hand-process it at our own facility.



We do not use any chemicals, bleaches or machines, which would make the process less expensive, but could undermine the wool's longevity.



We use the highest quality dyes available, whether vegetable or chrome based. The dyes have to pass the test of allowing intentionally produced color variation and of maintaining color fastness in the home environment. When the rugs come off the loom, the colors seen then, are the colors you are enjoying now. We introduce no chemicals in the rinse, which could alter or disguise the original color. Additionally, Megerian rugs are soap washed by hand.





Rugs made in the Sultanabad region (now know as the Arak region) over 150 years ago are what inspire Megerian designs. Using their design concepts, we have created our own versions of the originals, blending Old World conception with modern fashion.



Megerian designs are copyrighted.



Each rug is inscribed, in Armenian, with the Megerian family name, signifying the authenticity of a Megerian piece.



Each rug is permanently numbered, noting the exact loom on which it was woven. Buyers of Megerian pieces can be sent a "Certificate of Authenticity," signed by a member of the Megerian family.



The Megerian family stands behind the high quality standard we have set for our rugs. There are other Egyptians, but none measure up in quality, including materials, workmanship, inventory availability or service.